wwPDB Validation Reports

The wwPDB provides depositors with detailed reports (PDF and XML files) that include the results of model and experimental data validation, as part of the curation of X-ray, NMR, and 3DEM entries (announcement).

As these wwPDB validation reports provide an assessment of structure quality using widely accepted standards and criteria, the wwPDB partners strongly encourage journal editors and referees to request them from authors as part of the manuscript submission and review process. The reports are date-stamped and display the logo of the wwPDB site where the entry was curated. They contain the same information, regardless of which wwPDB site processed the entry. Provision of wwPDB validation reports is already required by Nature, eLife, The Journal of Biological Chemistry, the International Union of Crystallography (IUCr) journals, FEBS, J Immunology, and Angew Chem Int Ed Engl as part of their manuscript-submission process.

The validation reports continue to be developed and improved as we receive recommendations from the expert Validation Task Forces (VTF) for X-ray, NMR, and EM, as we develop the wwPDB OneDep system, and as we collect feedback from depositors and users.

The validation reports for all X-ray, NMR, and 3DEM structures deposited in the PDB archive has been updated in March 2016 with 2015 statistics (announcement).

Useful resources and links

  • Validation Report User Guides for X-ray, NMR and EM.

  • Validation Report FAQs.

  • Validation Report announcement

  • Sample validation report PDFs for:

    • 1CBS, a 1.8Å resolution X-ray structure of a small protein and a ligand, an entry with better overall quality relative to all X-ray structures.

    • 1FCC, a 3.2Å resolution structure with worse overall quality relative to all X-ray structures.

    • 1EG1, a 3.6Å resolution structure with possible ligand geometry and fit to density issues.

  • Validation information and reports for released PDB entries are available from the entry pages at PDBj, RCSB PDB and PDBe.

  • FTP access to validation reports, in PDF and XML format, for all released X-ray, NMR, and 3DEM entries from wwPDB, RCSB PDB, PDBe or PDBj.

  • Validation XML Schema: v1, v002.

  • Information on Stand-alone wwPDB validation servers that allow experimental structural biologists to produce reports and validate their models prior to publication and deposition.

  • wwPDB OneDep Deposition Tool

Please send any comments, questions or suggestions on the reports to validation@mail.wwpdb.org