PDB Entry - 1YSI

(Status - Released)

Summary information:

Title: Solution structure of the anti-apoptotic protein Bcl-xL in complex with an acyl-sulfonamide-based ligand

DOI: 10.2210/pdb1ysi/pdb

Primary publication DOI: 10.1038/nature03579

Entry authors: Oltersdorf, T., Elmore, S.W., Shoemaker, A.R., Armstrong, R.C., Augeri, D.J., Belli, B.A., Bruncko, M., Deckwerth, T.L., Dinges, J., Hajduk, P.J., Joseph, M.K., Kitada, S., Korsmeyer, S.J., Kunzer, A.R., Letai, A., Li, C., Mitten, M.J., Nettesheim, D.G., Ng, S., Nimmer, P.M., O'Connor, J.M., Oleksijew, A., Petros, A.M., Reed, J.C., Shen, W., Tahir, S.K., Thompson, C.B., Tomaselli, K.J., Wang, B., Wendt, M.D., Zhang, H., Fesik, S.W., Rosenberg, S.H.

Initial deposition on: 8 February 2005

Initial release on: 7 June 2005

Latest revision on: 13 July 2011


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