PDB Entry - 7AR6

(Status - Released)

Summary information:

Title: Structure of apo SARS-CoV-2 Main Protease with large beta angle, space group C2.

DOI: 10.2210/pdb7ar6/pdb

Primary publication DOI: 10.1126/science.abf7945

Entry authors: Guenther, S., Reinke, P., Oberthuer, D., Yefanov, O., Gelisio, L., Ginn, H., Lieske, J., Domaracky, M., Brehm, W., Rahmani Mashour, A., White, T.A., Knoska, J., Pena Esperanza, G., Koua, F., Tolstikova, A., Groessler, M., Fischer, P., Hennicke, V., Fleckenstein, H., Trost, F., Galchenkova, M., Gevorkov, Y., Li, C., Awel, S., Paulraj, L.X., Ullah, N., Andaleeb, H., Werner, N., Falke, S., Hinrichs, W., Alves Franca, B., Schwinzer, M., Brognaro, H., Perbandt, M., Tidow, H., Seychell, B., Beck, T., Meier, S., Doyle, J.J., Giseler, H., Melo, D., Dunkel, I., Lane, T.J., Peck, A., Saouane, S., Hakanpaeae, J., Meyer, J., Noei, H., Boger, J., Gribbon, P., Ellinger, B., Kuzikov, M., Wolf, M., Zhang, L

Initial deposition on: 23 October 2020

Initial release on: 2 December 2020

Latest revision on: 19 May 2021


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